Company Statement on COVID-19

Date:   May 8, 2020

ATTN:    All Customers

RE:         COVID-19

Creative Food Ingredients (CFI) has thankfully managed to continue operations in a safe and effective manner. We are happy to report that our tremendous workforce has remained healthy and safe, to date.  All management continues to review current measures in place, on a daily basis, and augment our approach to overall wellbeing whenever deemed prudent or necessary.

Our team fully understands the possible implications when it comes to the safety, not only of our personnel, but the food products that we provide, the inherent quality thereof, and the consistency of supply. CFI has a pandemic policy in place, and those directives are being continuously monitored relative to the potential risks at hand.

While the issue of business continuity has somewhat softened, it is worth noting that the majority of our input material is sourced locally, and the majority of our suppliers are domestic North American based. Our supply chain personnel remain at the forefront of industry happenings, and any concerns surrounding supply will continue to be brought within upper management immediately.

CFI wishes your organization equal ongoing success in navigating through these challenging times, and please do feel free to contact any of our team members with specific interests or concerns of yours.


CFI Management

COVID-19 Information Contact at CFI:  Ms. Erika Tones –